● Minimal resin flow, flexible and less resin dust
● High peel strength, and flammability UL94 V-0

● Excellent thermal reliability and electrical properties

● Excellent mechanical processability, punching process applicable

Application Area

● Suitable for bonding used in die cavity board and multilayer rigid-flex PCB application
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Items Method Condition Unit Typical Value
Tg 2.4.25D DSC

Td 5% wt. loss 315
T288 TMA min 3
TMA min
Thermal Stress
288℃, solder dip
- after 6 cycles, no delamination
Volume Resistivity C-96/35/90 MΩ/cm 5.0 x 108
Surface Resistivity
C-96/35/90 5.0 x 107
Peel Strength (1Oz) 2.4.8 288℃/10s N/mm 2.0
Water Absorption D-24/23 % 0.15


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2. Explanation:C=Humidity conditioning, D=Immersion conditioning in distilled water, E=Temperature conditioning

The first digit following the letter indicates the duration of preconditioning in hours, the second digit the preconditioning temperature in and the third digit the relative humidity.

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